Student Perceptions of Sustainability Education in Civil and Environmental Engineering at the Georgia Institute of Technology

TitleStudent Perceptions of Sustainability Education in Civil and Environmental Engineering at the Georgia Institute of Technology
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2013
AuthorsWatson, MKatherine, Noyes, C, Rodgers, MO
JournalJournal of Professional Issues in Engineering Education & Practice
Date Published2013
Publication Languageeng
ISBN Number10523928
KeywordsCivil , Curricula , Curricular , ENGINEERING , ENVIRONMENTAL , Georgia , student , STUDENTS , Study , SUSTAINABILITY , sustainable
AbstractFor sustainable engineering to contribute to sustainability, curricular reforms are needed to train sustainability-conscious engineers. Examining student perceptions of sustainability education can provide insights for benchmarking the current quality of a curriculum and for identifying strategies for reforming a curriculum. Thus, the goal of this study was to examine student interest in, knowledge of, and experiences related to sustainability in civil and environmental engineering (CEE) at the Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech). A survey was developed and administered to students () enrolled in CEE capstone courses. The results indicated that although students are interested in sustainable development, there is potential for further enhancing sustainability learning. In addition, students reported that CEE courses strongly impacted their learning, which underscores the importance of curricular quality. Finally, although students were generally satisfied with CEE sustainability education, they cited the need for more guidance on integrating sustainability into the design process. 
NotesWatson, Mary Katherine Noyes, Caroline 1 Rodgers, Michael O. 2; Affiliation: 1: Assistant Director of the Office of Assessment, Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA 30318. E-mail: 2: Principal Research Scientist, School of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA 30318. E-mail:; Source Info: Jul2013, Vol. 139 Issue 3, p235; Subject Term: ENGINEERING students; Subject Term: ENVIRONMENTAL engineering; Subject Term: CIVIL engineering -- Study & teaching; Subject Term: SUSTAINABLE engineering; Subject Term: ENGINEERING -- Universities & colleges; Subject Term: STUDENT surveys; Subject Term: STUDY & teaching; Author-Supplied Keyword: Curricula; Author-Supplied Keyword: Curricular reform; Author-Supplied Keyword: Engineering education; Author-Supplied Keyword: Student survey; Author-Supplied Keyword: Students; Author-Supplied Keyword: Sustainability education; Author-Supplied Keyword: Sustainability interest; Author-Supplied Keyword: Sustainability knowledge; Author-Supplied Keyword: Sustainable development; Company/Entity: GEORGIA Institute of Technology; Number of Pages: 9p; Illustrations: 5 Charts; Document Type: Article