Developing and Teaching a Course in 'Applied Sustainability and Public Health in Civil Engineering Design' at Queen's University, Kingston, Canada

TitleDeveloping and Teaching a Course in 'Applied Sustainability and Public Health in Civil Engineering Design' at Queen's University, Kingston, Canada
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2010
AuthorsFilion, YR
JournalJournal of Professional Issues in Engineering Education & Practice
Date Published2010
Publication Languageeng
ISBN Number10523928
Keywordsapplied , Civil , design , economic , ENVIRONMENTAL , KINGSTON , Ont.) , ONTARIO , POLLUTION , PUBLIC , QUEEN'S , SUSTAINABILITY
AbstractThis paper presents the writer's pedagogical development and delivery of a new undergraduate course in applied sustainability and public health in civil engineering design in the Department of Civil Engineering at Queen's University in Kingston, Canada. This innovative course introduces undergraduate civil engineering students to methods in sustainability indicators, life-cycle analysis, environmental input-output analysis, and risk analysis to evaluate the environmental impacts and public health impacts of civil engineering design. The paper discusses the learning objectives and course themes of preventive design, multicriteria decision making, and systems-level analysis. The course syllabus and the design project in which students were asked to design a water transmission pipeline and evaluate its environmental impacts are discussed in detail. An overview of the pedagogical methods and student evaluation tools employed in the course is given. 
NotesFilion, Y. R. 1; Email Address:; Affiliation: 1: Assistant Professor, Dept. of Civil Engineering, Queen's Univ., Kingston, ON, Canada; Source Info: Oct2010, Vol. 136 Issue 4, p197; Subject Term: ECONOMIC development -- Environmental aspects; Subject Term: PUBLIC health; Subject Term: CIVIL engineering; Subject Term: SUSTAINABILITY; Subject Term: ENVIRONMENTAL impact analysis; Subject Term: KINGSTON (Ont.); Subject Term: ONTARIO; Author-Supplied Keyword: Applied sustainability; Author-Supplied Keyword: Civil engineering; Author-Supplied Keyword: Design; Author-Supplied Keyword: Environmental impact; Author-Supplied Keyword: Pollution prevention; Author-Supplied Keyword: Public health; Company/Entity: QUEEN'S University (Kingston, Ont.); NAICS/Industry Codes: 525120 Health and Welfare Funds; Number of Pages: 9p; Illustrations: 1 Chart, 2 Graphs; Document Type: Article