Transatlantic Divergences in Citizen Science Ethics-Comparative Analysis of the DIYbio Code of Ethics Drafts of 2011.

TitleTransatlantic Divergences in Citizen Science Ethics-Comparative Analysis of the DIYbio Code of Ethics Drafts of 2011.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2014
AuthorsEggleson, K
Pagination187 - 192
Date Published2014/08//
Publication Languageeng
ISBN Number18714757
KeywordsBiocomplexity , Biohacker , BIOTECHNOLOGY , Biotinker , Citizen , code , comparative , DIYbio , etc. , iGEM , Moral , Open , professional , SCIENCE , societies , SYNTHETIC , Transatlantic
AbstractCodes of ethics were drafted by participants in the European and North American Congresses of DIYbio, a single global organization of informal biotechnology practitioners, in 2011. In general, the existence of a code of ethics amongst a community is itself significant. Codes of professional ethics are common in scientific and engineering fields, as well as in DIY communities. It is also significant, and highly unusual, that DIYbio has maintained two separate codes of ethics years after their drafting. While agreement was reached within the congress for each geographic region, with considerable commonality between the two codes drafted, they are far from identical. There are differences in the ordering of items, the wording of common items, and the presence/absence of items. The aurthor argues that these differences are meaningful, and considers them with respect to cultural variation, ethics, and societal implications. 
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Short TitleNanoEthics