Interdisciplinary Network on Teaching of Ethics for Neuroscientists

TitleInterdisciplinary Network on Teaching of Ethics for Neuroscientists
Publication TypeWeb site
Year of Publication2014
PublisherManchester University, Institute of Science, Ethics and Innovation
AbstractThe network focuses on the ethics teaching in neuroscience and aims to facilitate the improvements in teaching ethics for neuroscientists. We want to provide a focal point for collecting and developing resources to facilitate design, development and delivery of such teaching. The web site includes slides from a number of workshops held on how to teach neuroethics, and a series of educational modules that discuss the following issues: 1. Science Ethics and Responsible Conduct of Research 2. Clinical Practice 3. Experimental Practice 4. Cognitive Enhancement 5. Uses and Interpretation of Brain Imaging 6. Neuroscience of Morality and Moral Enhancement 7. Concepts and Approaches in (Neuro)Ethics 8. Introduction to Biosecurity and Dual-Use 9. Novel Neuroweapons 10. Chemical Weapons 11. Biological Weapons 12. The CBW Non-Proliferation Regime