Teaching GeoEthics Across the Geoscience Curriculum

TitleTeaching GeoEthics Across the Geoscience Curriculum
Publication TypeWeb Article
Year of Publication2014
AuthorsMogk, D
PublisherMontana State University Department of Earth Sciences
AbstractEthics Education is an increasingly important component of the pre-professional training of (geo)scientists. Funding agencies (NSF, NIH) require training of graduate students in the responsible conduct of research, employers are increasingly expecting their workers to have basic training in ethics, and the public demands the highest standards of ethical conduct by scientists. Yet, few faculty have the requisite training to effectively teach about ethics in their classes, or even informally in mentoring students working in their labs. This module has been developed to meet the need of introducing ethics education into the geoscience curriculum: For faculty, resources, case studies, and teaching activities are provided to facilitate instruction in ethics within established geo "core" courses or in a dedicated course on "GeoEthics"; For students, resources are provided to help expand their understanding of ethical situations that may arise in their careers, and to give them the tools they need to appropriately address these issues.