When Scientists Kill

TitleWhen Scientists Kill
Publication TypePodcast
AuthorsPigliucci, M, Galef, J
Corporate AuthorsNew York City Skeptics,
PublisherNew York City Skeptics
Year of Publication2012
Date Published12/2012
Publication LanguageEnglish
AbstractWe look to scientists to keep us informed about risks, such as: is this medicine effective? Is that level of toxicity harmless? How severe should we expect this upcoming storm to be? But when lives are at stake, tricky questions arise about how much responsibility falls on scientists' shoulders to get those estimations *right* -- and whether scientists should be punished if they fail. In this episode of Rationally Speaking, Massimo and Julia discuss a recent court case that shocked the world: A group of Italian scientists were sentenced to 6 years in prison for failing to effectively warn the public of an earthquake that killed over 300 people in 2009. Was this decision fair? And how should we decide where the boundaries of scientific accountability lie?
KeywordsCLIMATOLOGY , ENVIRONMENTAL , Environmental Sciences , PHYSICS , professional , professional responsibility , PUBLIC , public safety , RISK , RISK assessment , SCIENCE , Seismology
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