What every engineer should know about ethics

TitleWhat every engineer should know about ethics
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication1999
AuthorsHumphreys, KK
Series TitleWhat every engineer should know
Pagination264 p.
PublisherMarcel Dekker
Place PublishedNew York
Publication Languageeng
ISBN Number9780585157788
Accession Number41527893
KeywordsCase Study Method , ENGINEERING , engineering ethics , Ethik , Ingenieurwissenschaften , professional codes of ethics
AbstractThis book uses case studies drawn from the National Society of Professional Engineers' Board of Ethical review to explain the engineering profession's code of ethics. It also explore historical engineering ethics case studies in order to study the importance of communication, coordination, and documentation in resolving ethical conflicts that arise in professional life.
Notesill. ; 24 cm.Publisher descriptionhttp://catdir.loc.gov/catdir/enhancements/fy0647/99032813-d.htmlIncludes bibliographical references and index./ Also available as an electronic book via the World Wide Web to institutions affiliated with netLibrary, Inc.EthicsKenneth K. Humphreys. More Records: Show record informationInternet resource (url); eBook (ebk)Book; Internet Resource
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