Valley of Sorrow

TitleValley of Sorrow
Publication TypeCase Study
Year of Publication2004
AuthorsCurtis, S, Dawson, P, Moyer, J, Zall, R
PublisherIowa State University, Office of Biotechnology
AbstractDr. Howard Johnson has been collaborating with a large pharmaceutical company who has been a large funder of his research. He has been invited to be included in a discussion about the company's latest efforts to develop new compounds that could be used as antidotes to certain viral infections. Due to the nature of these compounds, they cannot be patented and the company is attempting to keep everything a secret so the process does not become available to their competitors. During the discussion, Dr. Johnson learns about the success of the compound in reducing the mortality of a certain type of fever by ninety percent. The company plans to withhold distribution of the compound, due to the impossibility of making distribution of the compound profitable in developing countries. However, if developed, it would save tens of thousands of lives.
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