Using Fictive Narrative to Teach Ethics/Philosophy

TitleUsing Fictive Narrative to Teach Ethics/Philosophy
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2012
AuthorsBoylan, M, Ackerman, FN, Palmer-Fernandez, G, Anderson, SC, Spence, E
JournalTeaching Ethics: The Journal of the Society for Ethics Across the Curriculum
Date PublishedSpring 2012
ISSN Number21540551
KeywordsInstructional Methods , PHILOSOPHY
AbstractThis article describes an empirical study done at a mix of universities to try to measure secondary outcomes (students reporting on their own learning experiences) in a class taught conventionally, for the most part, with the addition of fiction (five of the six institutions) and film (one of the six institutions). The authors wanted to ascertain was what effect did fiction have in teaching philosophy within a traditional framework featuring direct discourse non-fictional works? Is the addition of fiction into the traditional setting positive? If so, this study would be a beacon for structuring curricula: include some fiction within traditional philosophy courses.
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