US Parts or USAWAY

TitleUS Parts or USAWAY
Publication TypeCase Study
Year of Publication1992
AuthorsPritchard, MS
PublisherNational Academy of Engineering, Online Ethics Center
KeywordsEngineer/Client Relationships , ENGINEERING , mechanical engineering
AbstractJohn Budinski, quality control engineer at Clarke Engineering, has a problem. Clarke contracted with USAWAY to supply a product subject to the requirement that all parts are made in the United States. Although the original design clearly specifies that all parts must satisfy this requirement, one of Clarke's suppliers failed to note that one of the components has two special bolts that are made only in another country. There is not time to design a new bolt if the terms of the contract are to be met. USAWAY is a major customer, and not meeting the deadline can be expected to have unfortunate consequences for Clarke. Includes expert commentaries.
NotesCase study originally published in “Teaching Engineering Ethics: A Case Study Approach” by Michael Pritchard. Center for the Study of Ethics in Society, Western Michigan University, 1992.
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