Unintended Consequences of RCR EIT Mandates

TitleUnintended Consequences of RCR EIT Mandates
Publication TypeWeb Article
Year of Publication2008
AuthorsPimple, KD
Publication LanguageEN-us
Keywordsconduct , Federal , mandates , of , research , Responsible
AbstractThis paper argues that the dominant approach to training in the responsible conduct of research that has been driven by recent scandals in biomedical research and federal mandates is inadequate and probably counterproductive. This approach usually done outside the actual realm of research which often causes researchers and students to see ethics and research as extraneous rather than as a central concern. This approach also overlooks the broad social and moral context of science, and fails to address the dual obligations of scientists to reflect on the proper role of science in society and to take part in shaping a socially responsible research agenda.