Teaching Police Ethics : What to Aim At ?

TitleTeaching Police Ethics : What to Aim At ?
Publication TypeBook Chapter
Year of Publication1997
AuthorsDavis, M
Secondary AuthorsKleinig, J, Smith, ML
Book TitleTeaching Criminal Justice Ethics : Strategic Issues
Date Published1997
PublisherAnderson Publishing
Place PublishedCincinnati, OH
ISBN Number978-0870848315
KeywordsCriminal Justice , Criminal Justice Ethics , Pedagogical Materials
AbstractThis paper looks at how police ethics can be taught, how it can be taught, and by whom. The author discusses what is meant by the terms "morality" and "ethics", the goals of teaching ethics, some methods for teaching ethics, such as case study discussions, why police ethics should be integrated into the criminal justice curriculum, and finally he provides a guide to ethical decision making that can be helpful in leading ethics discussions.
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