Scientific Integrity

TitleScientific Integrity
Publication TypeSyllabi
Year of Publication2011
PublisherUniversity of California, San Diego
Keywordsethics , ethics courses , Responsible , responsible conduct of research , SCIENCE
AbstractThis is the syllabus for a course on Scientific Integrity developed and taught by Dr. Dena Plemmons of the University of California, San Diego. The course covers major topics of responsible conduct of research, such as authorship, data management, and the ethical treatment of human and animal research subjects. Each subject covered in the course is accompanied by an introduction to the topic, a list of readings, case studies, and discussion questions. The syllabus also includes a description of major assignments for the course, including group case study discussions for each topic covered in the course, and an individual writing assignment where students are asked to answer two discussion questions for any three of the topics covered in the course. This syllabus can be used as a model for other institutions interested in how to organize a research ethics course of this kind.
Audience LevelInstructor
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