Responding to Research Wrongdoing: A User-Friendly Guide

TitleResponding to Research Wrongdoing: A User-Friendly Guide
Publication TypeWeb Article
Year of Publication2010
AuthorsKeith-Spiegel, P, Sieber, J, Koocher, GP
Corporate AuthorsSimmons, College,
Pagination54 p.
Date Published07/2010
PublisherSimmons College, School of Health Studies
Place PublishedBoston, MA
Publication LanguageEnglish
KeywordsBIOLOGY , CHEMISTRY , ENGINEERING , GENETICS , MEDICINE , neuroscience , PHYSICS , research , Responsible , SCIENCE
AbstractThis Guide is for researchers who suspect that some kind of research misconduct may be going on in their lab or workplace. The guide takes a problem-solving approach that looks for ways to preempt wrongdoing in research to create options for scientists faced with suspicions or evidence of irresponsible science, and to assist researchers in working through those options in a manner that reinforces the integrity of science without risking careers or friendships. The report includes chapters on the decision to get personally involved when you suspect misconduct is taking place, how to assess the evidence, deciding how to act or not, and strategies for taking both informal and formal action, if needed.