Request from a Former Student

TitleRequest from a Former Student
Publication TypeCase Study
Year of Publication1992
AuthorsPritchard, MS
PublisherCenter for the Study of Ethics in Society at Western Michigan University
AbstractNelson Nice is on the engineering faculty at State University. Three years ago he headed a research project that involved an undergraduate student assistant. At first Jason Smart was enthusiastic about the project. However, as time passed Jason grew impatient with the laboratory work and write-ups. Nelson Nice found that he had to do more and more of the work himself. Eventually Jason left the project before the work was completed. One year later Jason, then a graduate student at another university, wrote to Nelson Nice and asked him if he would send him a copy of the final report of the work they had done together. Includes expert commentaries.
NotesCase study originally published in “Teaching Engineering Ethics: A Case Study Approach” by Michael Pritchard. Center for the Study of Ethics in Society, Western Michigan University, 1992.