Professional Autonomy : A Framework for Empirical Research

TitleProfessional Autonomy : A Framework for Empirical Research
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1996
AuthorsDavis, M
JournalBusiness Ethics Quarterly
ISSN Number2153-3326
Keywordsbusiness , ENGINEERING , PROFESSIONAL ethics , SCIENCE , SOCIAL sciences
AbstractEmployed professionals and those who study them sometimes claim that their status as employees denies them the "autonomy" necessary to be "true professionals." Is this a conceptual claim or an empirical claim? How might this be proved or disproved? This paper draws on recent work on autonomy to try to answer these questions. In the course of doing that, it identified three literatures concerned with autonomy and suggests an approach bringing them together in a way likely to be helpful both to philosophers interested in the concept and to social scientists studying autonomy in the workplace.
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