Power for the People

TitlePower for the People
Publication TypeCase Study
Year of Publication1995
AuthorsTimberlake, W
PublisherIndiana University Press
Keywordsand , Bias in Research , Community , Competence; , Consumer , cultural , ethnic , Minorities , or , Populations , PSYCHOLOGY , Racial , representation; , SPECIAL
AbstractProfessor A proposes to test the theory that black male criminals suffer from early childhood deprivation of attention by the male parent by comparing interviews of black male ex-convicts with men that have never been convicted of a crime matched on socioeconomic status, intact versus disrupted family, and presence versus absence of alternative male figures. This case illustrates the conflicts that can arise when a behavioral researcher’s hypotheses and study questions may be perceived to be based upon stereotypes and the importance of involving local communities in the research process
NotesWilliam Timberlake, in Research Ethics: Cases and Materials, edited by Robin Levin Penslar, Indiana University Press, 1995
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