Physics and Ethics Education Project

TitlePhysics and Ethics Education Project
Publication TypeWeb Article
Year of Publication2013
AuthorsBerry, B, Brodie, D, Campbell, P, Green, D, Hutchings, O, Lees, W, Monaghan, J, Poland, R, Richardson, D, Riposati, A, Taylor, J, Wishart, J
Corporate AuthorsUniversity of Bristol,, Institute of Physics,
Access Date06/2014
Date Published06/2013
PublisherUniversity of Bristol
Publication LanguageEnglish
KeywordsCase Study Method , Climate change , Military and Defense Research , Pedagogical Materials , PHYSICS , PUBLIC health , responsible conduct of research
AbstractThe Physics and Ethics Education Project is an interactive website and virtual learning environment for secondary school science teachers and students. It is a teaching resource developed to highlight the moral, ethical, social, economic, environmental, and technological implications and applications of physics. The site includes online tutorials on topics such as climate change, energy resources, public health, medical physics, weapons, space, communications, and robotics, as well as a large number of resources and case studies for teachers looking to incorporate ethics discussion into their physics classroom.
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