Physicians at war the dual-loyalties challenge

TitlePhysicians at war the dual-loyalties challenge
Publication TypeWeb Article
Year of Publication2008
AuthorsAllhoff, F
Series TitleInternational library of ethics, law, and the new medicine ;; v. 41; Variation: International library of ethics, law, and the new medicine ;; v. 41.
Paginationxii, 271 p
Place PublishedNew York
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ISBN Number9781402069123
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Keywordsethics , Medical , Medical. , MEDICINE , MILITARY , NURSING , professional responsibility , War
Abstract"There are a range of ethical issues that confront physicians in times of war, as well as some of the uses of physicians during wars. This book presents a theoretical apparatus which undergirds those debates, namely by casting physicians as being confronted with dual-loyalties during times of war. While this theoretical apparatus has already been developed in other contexts, it has not been specifically brought to bear on the ethical conflicts that attain in wars. Arguably, wars thrust physicians into ethical conflicts insofar as these wars create a tension between a physicians obligation to heal and an obligation to serve some other good (e.g., military chain of command, national security, the greater good, etc.)."-- Book Jacket.
NotesNetLibrary books.Includes bibliographical references.Other format available: Print version:; Physicians at war.; [New York] : Springer, c2008LC: RC971; Dewey: 174.2; NLM: W 50 P59 2008Fritz Allhoff, editor. More Records: Show record informationDocument (dct); Internet resource (url); eBook (ebk)
Short TitlePhysicians at war the dual-loyalties challenge
Contentshysicians at war: the dual-loyalties challenge /; Fritz Allhoff --; Dual-loyalty and human rights in health professional practice: proposed guidelines and institutional mechanisms /; International Dual-Loyalty Working Group --; Guidelines to prevent the m
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