PHIL 453: Ethical Issues in Global Public Health

TitlePHIL 453: Ethical Issues in Global Public Health
Publication TypeSyllabi
AuthorsAndre, J
PublisherMichigan State University, Department of Philosophy
Year of Publication2009
AbstractThis is the syllabus for the course "Ethical Issues in Global Public Health," developed and taught by Dr. Judith Andre of Michigan State University's Department of Philosophy in 2009. The course looks at the moral and ethical issues related to global public health and health policy. The goal of the course is to help students become familiar with public health issues, understand what current scholarship has to say about them, and to learn out to analyze these ethical issues from a philosophical perspective. The syllabus lists the main ethical concepts and issues covered during the semester, assignments for the course, including written responses to required readings, and descriptions of required essay papers. The course also includes a class schedule listing required and recommended readings.
Keywordsethics courses , Instructional Methods , MEDICINE , SOCIAL sciences
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