The Perils of Communitarianism for Teaching Ethics Across the Curriculum

TitleThe Perils of Communitarianism for Teaching Ethics Across the Curriculum
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2002
AuthorsKeller, DR
JournalTeaching Ethics: The Journal of the Society for Ethics across the Curriculum
Publication Languageeng
AbstractThe author looks at a case study in which a well-regarded ethics across the curriculum program was criticized for allegedly subverting the values of the religiously homogeneous community in which the program is organized. Students felt that some of the course material offered alternative views on contentious issues such as gay marriage, global warming, etc., and that these alternative views were not compatible with "community values." The article explores what is meant by communitarianism, and some of the serious shortfalls that exist of using communitarianism as a theoretical framework for making policy decisions aobut public education and curriculum development.
NotesCover Date: FALL 2002.Source Info: 3(1), 67-76. Language: English. Journal Announcement: 39-1. Subject: COMMUNITARIANISM; CURRICULUM; ETHICS; LIBERALISM; TEACHING. Update Code: 20090226.
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