The Orphan Embryos : A Case Study in Bioethics

TitleThe Orphan Embryos : A Case Study in Bioethics
Publication TypeCase Study
Year of Publication2004
AuthorsGouvenia, MMC, Pareja, E, Sakaguchi, D, dos Santos, HG, Whittaker, P
PublisherIowa State University, Office of Biotechnology
AbstractMr. and Mrs. Smith went through in vitro fertilization a number of years ago and had a number of viable embryos kept frozen at their local hospital. A year later, both of the Smiths were killed in an automobile accident. Now, a research group at the hospital would like to use surplus embryos held at the hospital to get stem cells that can be used for research in on Parkinson's disease therapy. In the country where this happened, there is no clear legislation concerning embryonic stem cell research.
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