An Obligation to Adopt?

TitleAn Obligation to Adopt?
Publication TypeCase Study
Year of Publication2013
AuthorsHedahl, M, Henderson, M, Heurer, K, Nelson, JL, Rieder, TN, Whyte, K
Corporate AuthorsGeorgetown University Undergraduate Bioethics Society,, American Society for Bioethics + Humanities,
Date PublishedApril 2013
PublisherGeorgetown University Undergraduate Bioethics Society
Place PublishedWashington, D.C.
Abstract(See Page 3 of PDF) The earth's population recently passed 7 billion. Although no one knows exactly how many people the world can sustain, we do know that there are already far more people than could be supported at the level of the affluent first-world. If everyone on the planet consumed resources at the rate that the average American does, we would need more than four additional earths to sustain the population. There are millions of children who desperately need parents, and many of us want to parent children. Could t be then that morality recommends adoption? Is it possible that we are even obliged to adopt?
NotesCase from the 2013 Bioethics Bowl head as part of the National Undergraduate Bioethics Conference. Hosted by Georgetown University, Washington, D.C. April 5-7, 2013.
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