Nick Bostrom on the Status Quo Bias

TitleNick Bostrom on the Status Quo Bias
Publication TypePodcast
AuthorsBostrom, N, Edmonds, D, Warburton, N
Corporate AuthorsOxford Centre for Neuroethics,, Wellcome Trust,
PublisherOxford Center for Neuroethics
Year of Publication2013
Date Published05/2012
AbstractDo we want things to remain the same, and does that stop us making rational judgements in the area of cognitive enhancement? Nick Bostrom discusses these questions with Nigel Warburton. This episode was made as part of Bioethics Bites in association with the Oxford Uehiro Centre for Practical Ethics and made possible by a grant from the Wellcome Trust.
Keywordsbiomedical engineering , COMPUTER science , Human Enhancement , neuroscience
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OEC Unique Identifier19 min.
Series NameBioethics Bites
Citation Key9332
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