NCSU Laboratory Safety Module

TitleNCSU Laboratory Safety Module
Publication TypeOnline Tutorial
AuthorsCarson, S
PublisherNorth Carolina State University
Year of Publication2003
AbstractThis course, developed by Susan Carson at North Carolina State University, is a tongue and cheek introduction to laboratory safety for undergraduates. Users are introduced to major concepts in laboratory safety like proper attire, disposal of hazardous materials, chemical safety, biosafety, radionucleotide safety, and emergency. Users also learn about precautionary measures for prevention and emergency actiosn to take when hazards do occur. Each section consists of a short reading, a comprehension question, and a case study. Users will have to create a login name and password to enter the online course.
KeywordsBIOLOGY , CHEMISTRY , LABORATORY , Laboratory Safety , PHYSICS , Responsible , responsible conduct of research , SCIENCE
Citation Key8621
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