Integrating ethics and design

TitleIntegrating ethics and design
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1993
AuthorsMcLean, GF
JournalIEEE Technology and Society Magazine
Publication Languageeng
Keywordsand , aspects , design , economic , education , effects , ENGINEERING , professional , sociologic
AbstractA hierarchical model of ethics is developed based on the three levels of technical, professional, and social ethics. By considering methodologies of unstructured engineering design, it is shown that the nature of the questioning demanded by the three levels of ethics is congruent with the nature of questioning demanded by the principles of good engineering design as described by most design methodologies. Questions encountered in the design process are really questions of ethics, leading naturally to the view that an emphasis on design education within the engineering curriculum will necessarily introduce broad ethical questioning as a normal part of good engineering. This is an improvement over the present situation in which questions of ethics are seen by students as somehow separate and distinct from the more pragmatic, technical aspects of engineering
Notes12 professional ethics; hierarchical model; social ethics; unstructured engineering design; design methodologies; design education; engineering curriculum; ethical questioning; students. Classification: Project and design engineering B0170C Classification: Education and training B0120 Classification: Education and training E0250 Classification: Social and political issues E0260 Classification: Design E1400. Treatment: General or Review. Number of References: 31. Copyright Clearance Center: 0278-0097/93/$3.00. Language: English. Abstract Numbers: B1993-12-0170C-003. Publication Type: Journal Paper. Update Code: 1993043.
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