An Integrated Micro-insertion Teaching Stragegy for Business Ethics

TitleAn Integrated Micro-insertion Teaching Stragegy for Business Ethics
Publication TypeReport
Year of Publication2010
AuthorsRohlfer, S, Slocum, A
Corporate AuthorsReinert Center for Teaching Excellence, Saint Louis University,
Series TitleWhite Papers" Focus on Teaching and Learning
Document NumberEdition 3
Pagination24 p.
Date PublishedSpring 2010
PublisherReinert Center for Teaching Excellence, Saint Louis University
Keywordsbusiness , Instructional Methods
AbstractThis paper identifies an integrated teaching strategy originally developed for engineers, the socalled ‘micro-insertion’ approach, as a practical approach for the teaching of ethics at business schools. It is argued that instructors can incorporate not only generic or thematic learning objectives for students into this method (i.e., the intended content of what is being taught: in our case, an ethical approach to doing business) but also harness the learning environment outside the classroom when choosing the appropriate mix and timing of micro-insertions. With this in mind, we propose undertaking a qualitative and case-based research project which endeavors to look for evidence of effectiveness and efficiency in the teaching of business ethics. This study will examine (a) a coordinated micro-insertion approach in teaching business ethics in an undergraduate business school and within the context of a small, internationally located branch of a US university, and (b) the influence of the wider learning environment on the achievement of thematic, micro-inserted learning objectives for students.
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