Instructor Disclosure and Theory Diversity in Teaching Professional Ethics

TitleInstructor Disclosure and Theory Diversity in Teaching Professional Ethics
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2012
AuthorsJones, C
JournalTeaching Ethics
Date PublishedFall 2012
PublisherPhilosophy Documentation Center
ISSN Number2154-0551
KeywordsENGINEERING , MEDICINE , Pedagogical Materials , SCIENCE , Teaching Moral Theories
AbstractIs it appropriate for a professional ethics instructor to divulge her own views on the choice of an ethical theory to students, or is the unbiased discussion of theories preferable? Should the instructor "narrow the field" to one or two ethical theories or should a fuller range or a diversity of ethical theories be introduced? This article discusses these two questions and why the author chose to introduce students to the full gamut of moral theories in an objective manner as possible, and to allow students to make their own reasoned choices about the theories. The author compares different approaches to these questions and the benefits and drawbacks of each.