Instagram and the Ethics of Privacy

TitleInstagram and the Ethics of Privacy
Publication TypeCase Study
Year of Publication2013
AuthorsBabb, A, Nelson, A
Corporate AuthorsMarkkua Center for Applied Ethics, Santa Clara University,
Date Published02/2013
PublisherMarkkua Center for Applied Ethics, Santa Clara University
Keywordsbusiness , COMPUTER science , Intellectual Property and Patents , marketing , Marketing Ethics , Privacy and Surveillance
AbstractIn December 2012, after being aquired by Facebook, Instagram, a social media app that allows users to share pictures with friends, changed its privacy policy and terms of service so "a business or other entity may pay Instagram to display users' photos and other details in connection with paid or sponsors promotions" without any compensation to the individuals who posted these photos or put this information on Instagram. The backlash was immediate, and Instagram changed its privacy policy, but many users are still uneasy about this privacy policy. Still, Instagram provides a free service to users, and must turn a profit in some way.
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