I'd Rather be Fishing (Case 1039)

TitleI'd Rather be Fishing (Case 1039)
Publication TypeCase Study
Year of Publication2006
AuthorsLawson, WD
PublisherNational Institute for Engineering Ethics
AbstractA field technician, working for an environmental engineering firm, is sent out to conduct preliminary evaluation of a site. He takes samples from two drums on the property and calls his boss to give a preliminary report. The technician is confident, based on experience, that the contents of the drums are toxic and will thus require special disposal. However, his boss advises the technician to merely document the existence of the samples and nothing else. Several days later, the technician is in the area of the site and notices a truck and crew from a remediation firm (his former employer). The technician stops to talk to members of the crew. The technician learns that the remediation firm was told that the content of the drums had been tested and were shown to be clean. The technician is confident that not enough time has elapsed for a second set of samples to have been taken and tested. What should you do?
NotesJ. Profl. Issues in Engrg. Educ. and Pract. Volume 132, Issue 3, pp. 191-193 (July 2006)
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