I Really Can’t Acquire Important Data?

TitleI Really Can’t Acquire Important Data?
Publication TypeCase Study
Year of Publication2013
AuthorsDuBois, JM
KeywordsConfidentiality , Data , data management , Human , Human Research Subjects , SCIENCE , SOCIOLOGY
AbstractJohn is a research professor in sociology who wants to evaluate the effectiveness of registry web sites for convicted sex offenders. John plans to mail a survey to a group of 100 individuals listed on his state sex offender registry for his study, and plans to offer his study participants the strictest confidentiality protections possible in order to get open and honest answers to his surveys. However, the Institutional Review Board reviewing his proposal refuses to approve the study as designed. The IRB states that the sex offender registry is not meant to facilitate an invasion of privacy, and so he must try to recruit participants by advertising. Also, they insist that his consent form must include a clause that all him to breach confidentiality if participants mention ongoing or planned abuse of children. John thinks these changes are unnecessary and will hinder his research. What should John do?
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