Hyperbaric & Hypobaric Windows

TitleHyperbaric & Hypobaric Windows
Publication TypeCase Study
Year of Publication1995
AuthorsLetton, A
PublisherTexas A&M University
Keywordsmechanical engineering , professional responsibility
AbstractJim Anderson, a materials engineer specializing in polymeric materials, has been asked to evaluate the cost associated with the replacement of hyperbaric and hypobaric windows (or windows used in hyperbaric chambers and submersible vehicles). The standards that these windows are required to meet were developed years ago by a Navy Engineering Office with no training in polymer engineering, and Jim realizes that these standards were set by an individual who was not qualified to do so. Because of this, Jim feels obligated to calculate the deflection associated with each of the materials originally tested, and base his recommendations on his own, more qualified calculations. Includes ethical and numerical questions about the case.
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