Humane Use and Care of Animals in Research

TitleHumane Use and Care of Animals in Research
Publication TypeOnline Tutorial
AuthorsFish, R
PublisherNorth Carolina State University
Year of Publication2003
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AbstractDr. Richard Fish, Director of University Animal Resources at North Carolina State University, has developed the module Humane Care and Use of Animals in Research. The course is comprised of five units that can be used, together or separately, for self-study or as the basis of a classroom course. The first unit, “Ethics of Animal Use,” asks students to think about the human/animal relationship and discusses ethical theories and frameworks as they relate to laws and regulations. U.S. government principles, as well as societal expectations, are covered. “Laws, Regulations, and Policies Affecting the Care and Use of Animals in Research,” in addition to discussing federal regulations and policies, discusses alternatives, occupational health and safety, and responsibilities. “Pain and Distress” addresses the biology of pain and distress, as well as researchers’ ethical and legal obligations to minimize each. “Animal Husbandry and the Animal Facility” emphasizes the importance of husbandry and the animal environment, not only for humane reasons, but also to control unwanted variation during experimentation. Unit Five, “Species-Specific Overview, ” looks at the basics of choosing an animal model, including considerations for biomethodology (handling and restraint, sample collection, anesthesia and surgery, etc.)You will have to create a username and password to be able to access this tutorial.
KeywordsAnimal Research Subjects , MEDICINE , SCIENCE
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