Hazardous Waste - Case No. 92-6

TitleHazardous Waste - Case No. 92-6
Publication TypeCase Study
Year of Publication1997
AuthorsNational Society of Professional Engineers, Board of Ethical Review,
PublisherNational Society of Professional Engineers, Board of Ethical Review
Keywordschemical , Engineer/Client , ENGINEERING , ENVIRONMENTAL , Mechanical , professional , PUBLIC
AbstractTechnician A is a field technician employed by an consulting environmental engineering firm. At the direction of his supervisor Engineer B, Technician A samples the contents of drums located on the property of a client. Based on Technician A's past experience, it is his opinion that analysis of the sample would most likely determine that the drum contents would be classified as hazardous waste. If the material is hazardous waste, Technician A knows that certain steps would legally have to be taken to transport and properly dispose of the drum including notifying the proper federal and state authorities. Technician A asks his supervisor Engineer B what to do with the samples. Engineer B tells Technician A only to document the existence of the samples. Technician A is then told by Engineer B that since the client does other business with the firm, Engineer B will tell the client where the drums are located but do nothing else. Thereafter, Engineer B informs the client of the presence of drums containing "questionable material" and suggests that they be removed. The client contacts another firm and has the material removed.