The handbook of social research ethics

TitleThe handbook of social research ethics
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2009
AuthorsMertens, DM, Ginsberg, PE
Paginationxvi, 667 p.
PublisherSage Publications
Place PublishedThousand Oaks, CA
Publication Languageeng
ISBN Number1412949181 (cloth)
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AbstractGoing far beyond which forms to file and which committees to impress, this collection of 37 essays address many of the sources of questions as well as appraisals of many of the recent lapses. Contributors cover the history and philosophy of social science research ethics, including research ethics in the postmodern context, feminist perspectives, critical race theory, disability theory, and transformational research, and articles on ethical regulation address government regulation, institutional review, indigenous control, and program evaluation. Research methods considered here include sociological research, experiments and quasi-experiments, ethnography, covenantal ethics, and peacemaking; those on research practice include self-evaluation, relationships between researchers and subjects, indigenous voices, partnership, and visual representation. The final two sections cover ethics within diverse cultural groups and the future of research in the ethics of social research.
NotesHistory and Philosophy -- 1. Social science research ethics: Historical and Philosophical Issues / Karen Strohm Kitchener and Richard F. Kitchener -- 2. Research Ethics in the Postmodern Context / Joshua W. Clegg and Brent D. Slife -- 3. Feminist Perspectives on Research Ethics / Mary M. Brabeck and Kalina M. Brabeck -- 4. Critical Race Theory: Ethics and Dimensions of Diversity in Research / Veronica G. Thomas -- 5. Philosophy, Ethics, and the Disability Community / Martin Sullivan -- 6. Transformative Research and Ethics / Donna M. Mertens, Heidi M. Holmes and Raychelle L. Harris -- Sect. II. Perspectives on Ethical Regulation -- 7. Governmental Regulation in Social Science / Linda Mabry -- 8. Role of Institutional Review Boards: Ethics: Now You See Them, Now You Don't / Richard Speiglman and Patricia Spear -- 9. Researching Ourselves Back to Life: Taking Control of the Research Agenda in Indian Country / Joan LaFrance and Cheryl Crazy Bull -- 10. Ethical Practices in Qualitative Research / Yvonna S. Lincoln -- 11. Ethical Perspectives in Program Evaluation / Amanda Wolf, David Turner and Kathleen Toms -- Sect. III. Ethics and Research Methods -- 12. On Ethics in Sociolegal Research / Richard Schwartz -- 13. Experiments, Quasi-Experiments, and Ethics / Melvin M. Mark and Chris Gamble -- 14. Ethics of Data Archiving: Issues From Four Perspectives / David Johnson and Merry Bullock -- 15. Ethnography: Constitutive Practice and Research Ethics / Anne Ryen -- 16. Covenantal Ethics and Action Research: Exploring a Common Foundation for Social Research / Mary Brydon-Miller -- 17. Research Ethics and Peacemaking / Colin Irwin -- Sect. IV. Ethical Issues in Research Practice -- 18. Cultivating Self as Responsive Instrument: Working the Boundaries and Borderlands for Ethical Border Crossings / Hazel Symonette -- 19. Ethics of the Researcher-Subject Relationship: Experiences From the Field / Peggy Cabo Ntseane -- 20. Maintaining Indigenous Voices / Fiona Cram.; 21. Ethical Issues in Cross-Cultural Psychology / David Matsumoto and Caroline Anne Leong Jones -- 22. Partnership Ethics / Linda Silka -- 23. Visual Representation of People and Information: Translating Lives Into Numbers, Words, and Images as Research Data / Julianne H. Newton -- 24. Use and Misuse of Quantitative Methods: Data Collection, Calculation, and Presentation / Bruce L. Brown and Dawson Hedges -- Sect. V. Ethics Within Diverse Cultural Groups -- 25. Conducting Ethical Research and Evaluation in Underserved Communities / Katrina L. Bledsoe and Rodney K. Hopson -- 26. Indigenous African-Centered Ethics: Contesting and Complementing Dominant Models / Bagele Chilisa -- 27. Research Ethics and Sensitive Behaviors: Underground Economy / Ditrya Sharma -- 28. Epistemological Domination: Social Science Research Ethics in Aotearoa / Helen Moewaka Barnes, Tim McCreanor, Shane Edwards and Belinda Borell -- 29. Ethical Agenda in Disability Research: Rhetoric or Reality? / Colin Barnes -- 30. LGBTQ: Protecting Vulnerable Subjects in All Studies / Sarah-Jane Dodd -- 31. Involving Minors in Research: Ethics and Law Within Muticultural Settings / Luis A. Vargas and Margaret E. Montoya -- 32. Ethical Research With Older Adults / Karen Szala-Meneok -- Sect. VI. Conclusions and Future Directions -- 33. Research Ethics in Transnational Spaces / Robert Stake and Fazal Rizui -- 34. Privacy and New Technologies: The Limits of Traditional Research Ethics / Nicholas C. Burbules -- 35. Graduate Training in Responsible Conduct of Social Science Research: The Role of Mentors and Departmental Climate / Celia B. Fisher, Frederick J. Wertz and Sabrina J. Goodman -- 36. Social Research Attuned to Deliberative Democracy / Kenneth R. Howe and Heather MacGillivary -- 37. Frontiers in Social Research Ethics: Fertile Ground for Evolution / Pauline E. Ginsberg and Donna M. Mertens --About the International Advisory Board Members and Contributors.
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