Handbook of Moral and Character Education

TitleHandbook of Moral and Character Education
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2008
AuthorsNucci, LP, Narvaez, D
Pagination635 p. ill ; 26 cm.
Date Published2008
Place PublishedNew York
ISBN Number9780805859614
KeywordsCharacter Education , education
AbstractThere is widespread agreement that schools should contribute to students' moral development and character formation. Currently 80% of states have mandates regarding character education. This apparent support for moral education, however, masks a high degree of controversy surrounding the meaning and the methods of moral and/or character education. The purpose of this handbook is to replace the ideological rhetoric that infects this field with a comprehensive, research-oriented volume that includes the extensive changes that have occurred over the last 15 years. Coverage includes the latest applications of developmental and cognitive psychology to moral and character education from preschool to college settings. - Publisher.
NotesIntroduction and overview / Larry P. Nucci and Darcia Narvaez -- Philosophical moorings / Thomas Wren -- Moral self-identity as the aim of education / Daniel K. Lapsley -- Moral education in the cognitive develpmental tradition: Lawrence Kohlberg's revolutionary ideas / John Snarey and Peter Samuelson -- Traditional approaches to character education in Britain and America / James Arthur -- Character education as the cultivation of virtue / David Carr -- School, community and moral education / Kenneth A. Strike -- Research and practice in moral and character education: loosely coupled phenomena / James S. Leming -- Caring and moral education / Nel Noddings -- Developmental discipline and moral education / Marily Watson -- Social interdependence, moral character and moral education / David W. Johnson and Roger T. Johnson -- The just community approach to moral education and the moral atmosphere of the school / F. Clark Power and Ann Higgins-D'Alessandro -- Social and emotional learning, moral education, and character education: a comparative analysis and a view toward convergence / Maurice J. Elias, Sarah J. Parker, V. Megan Kash, Roger P. Weissberg and Mary Utne O'Brien -- Peer relationships and social groups: implications for moral education / Stacey S. Horn, Christopher Daddis and Melanie Killen -- Social cognitive domain theory and moral education / Larry P. Nucci -- Human flourishing and moral development: cognitive and neurobiological perspectives of virtue development / Darcia Narvaez -- The child development project: creating caring school communities / Victor A. Battistich -- Constructivist approaches to moral education in early childhood / Carolyn Hildebrandt and Betty Zan -- Smart & good schools: a new paradigm for high school character education / Matthew Davidson, Thomas Lickona and Vladimir Khmelkov -- Fostering the moral and civic development of college students / Anne colby -- What works in character education: what is known and what needs to be known / Marvin W. Berkowitz, Victor A. Battistich and Melinda C. Bier -- Education for integrity: connection, compassion and character / Rachael Kessler with Catherine Fink -- Positive youth development in the United States: history, efficacy, and links to moral and character education / Richard F. Catalano, J. David Hawkins and John W. Toumbourou -- The moral and civic effects of learning to serve / Daniel Hart, M. Kyle Matsuba and Robert Atkins -- Sport and the development of character / David Light Shields and Brenda Light Bredemeier -- The community contribution to moral development and character / Jim Lies, Kendall Cotton Bronk and Jennifer Menon Mariano -- Media and prosocial behavior in children and adolescents / Marjorie J. Hogan and Victor C. Strasburger -- Guided by theory, grounded in evidence: a way forward for professional ethics education / Muriel J. Bebeau and Verna E. Monson -- Teacher education for moral and character education / Merle J. Schwartz -- Teaching ethically as a moral condition of professionalism / Elizabeth Campbell.
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