Google Inc. in China

TitleGoogle Inc. in China
Publication TypeCase Study
Year of Publication2007
AuthorsMartin, KE
Corporate AuthorsBusiness Roundtable Institute for Corporate Ethics,
Pagination18 p.
PublisherBusiness Roundtable Institute for Corporate Ethics
Publication Languageeng
Keywordsbusiness , COMPUTER science , International Ethics , Privacy and Surveillance
AbstractThis is a fictional case based on real events. In 2006 Google Inc. decided to launch a Chinese-language search engine physically based in China to allow for better access for Chinese users and to try and gain a larger share of the Chinese market. However, to have a China-based search engine, Google had to agree to conform with Chinese censorship laws that would block out certain search results. In agreeing to enter this agreement, Google faced a large amount of criticism from business leaders, academics, politicians and activists for supporting a country with a totalitarian regime and known for its numerous human-rights violations. The takes a close look at the history of this decision, the financial success of Google, the politics of China and internet censorship, and the stories of other companies such as Yahoo! and Cisco Systems who also have entered the Chinese market and agreed to comply with China's censorship rules.
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