Gilbane Gold (Texas A&M Engineering Ethics Cases)

TitleGilbane Gold (Texas A&M Engineering Ethics Cases)
Publication TypeAudiovisual
Year of Publication1988
AuthorsNational Society of Professional Engineers,, National Institute for Engineering Ethics,
Corporate AuthorsNational Academy of Engineering, OEC
PublisherNational Academy of Engineering, Online Ethics Center
KeywordsENGINEERING , ENVIRONMENTAL , whistleblowing
AbstractThe city of Gilbane has implemented a plan where the sewage of the city is processed and sold as fertilizer to local farmers, a product locally known as Gilbane Gold. The fertilizer project creates a sizable revenue for the city, who has also sought to make itself attractive to business through numerous tax incentives. Not long ago, the city has put in place stringent regulations on the amount of heavy metals manufacturing plants located in Gilbane discharge into the city's sewage. Z Corp, a company in Gilbane, has been releasing a higher level of heavy metals into the city's sewage than allowed. As a new employee, should the engineer David Jackson tell the city about this fact? Below URL is a link to a summary of the film, and discussion questions.