Ethics teaching in higher education

TitleEthics teaching in higher education
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication1980
AuthorsCallahan, D, Bok, S
Series TitleThe Hastings Center series in ethics
Pagination315 p.
PublisherPlenum Press
Place PublishedNew York
Publication Languageeng
Keywords(Higher) , and , CURRICULUM , education , ethics , Higher , institutions , MORALE , States , States. , Study , subjects: , teaching , United
AbstractThis volume, produced from a systematic study undertaken by the Hastings Center on the state of the teaching of ethics in higher education, outlines some of the main goals of ethics education, and gives some advice on how to go about teaching ethics in an undergraduate or graduate setting. The essays cover some strategies for teaching ethics, how to evaluate the progress of students in this area, and give some specific advice on teaching ethics in the fields of medicine, law, and professional ethics. This is one of the foundational works in ethics education, and lays out many best practices for developing both individual instructional methods and institution-wide programs.
Notes80024002 (OCoLC)ocm06602806 (BENdb)16253 GB81-2410 edited by Daniel Callahan and Sissela Bok. 24 cm. Bibliography: p. 303-311. Includes index. Introduction / Daniel Callahan and Sissela Bok – The teaching of ethics in the American undergraduate curriculum, 1876-1976 / Douglas Sloan – Part I. General issues in the teaching of ethics – Goals in the teaching of ethics / Daniel Callahan – Problems in the teaching of ethics : pluralism and indoctrination / Ruth Macklin – What does moral psychology have to say to the teacher of ethics? / Thomas Kickona – Evaluation and the teaching of ethics / Arthur L. Caplan – Part II. The teaching of ethics in the undergraduate and professional school curriculum – The teaching of ethics in American higher education : an empirical synopsis / Hastings Center Staff – The teaching of undergraduate ethics / Bernard Rosen – The teaching of ethics in undergraduate nonethics courses / Susan Resneck Parr – Professional ethics : setting, terrain, and teacher / William F. May – Part III. Topics in the teaching of ethics – Paternalism in medicine, law, and public policy / Dennis F. Thompson – Whistleblowing and professional responsibilities / Sissela Bok – Part IV. Summary recommedations on the teaching of ethics – Hastings Centre Project on the teaching of ethics : summary recommendations. Hastings Center series in ethics.
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