Ethics Instruction in the Dental Hygiene Curriculum

TitleEthics Instruction in the Dental Hygiene Curriculum
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2006
AuthorsKacerik, MG, Prajer, RG, Conrad, C
JournalJournal of Dental Hygiene
Publication Languageeng
Keywords& , (education) , ACCREDITATION , Assessment , care , code , Curricula , CURRICULUM , DENTAL , DENTISTRY , education , Ethic , ethics , hygiene , instruction , MOUTH , of , professional , RESPONSIBILITY ,
AbstractThis study sought to assess how ethics is taught in the dental hygiene curriculum. The researchers sent out a survey to 261 accredited dental hygiene programs in the United States for a response rate of 56% (N=147). The survey requested that participants provide information on, among other things, the teaching and evaluation methodologies, and the degree of emphasis placed on ethics and integration of ethical reasoning within the dental hygiene curriculum. The survey revealed that the mean level of ethics teaching of theses schools was around 20 hours in the didactic section of the curriculum, and about 10 hours in the clinical part of the curriculum. Around 64% of respondents offered a separate course in ethics, and almost all of the programs (82%) incorporated ethics into their courses. A little less than half of the respondents replied that they would like to see more emphasis on ethics in dental hygiene instruction in the future.
NotesKacerik, Mark G. 1 Prajer, Renee G. 2 Conrad, Cynthia 3; Affiliation: 1: Assistant professor, sophomore clinic coordinator, Department of Dental Hygiene 2: Assistant Professor and junior clinic coordinator, Department of Dental Hygiene 3: Associate Professor, Department of Public Management, all at the University of New Haven, West Haven, Connecticut; Source Info: Winter2006, Vol. 80 Issue 1, p1; Subject Term: DENTAL hygiene; Subject Term: EDUCATION – Curricula; Subject Term: DENTISTRY; Subject Term: MOUTH – Care & hygiene; Subject Term: ETHICS; Subject Term: ACCREDITATION (Education); Author-Supplied Keyword: code of ethics; Author-Supplied Keyword: curriculum assessment; Author-Supplied Keyword: dental hygiene education; Author-Supplied Keyword: Ethic instruction; Author-Supplied Keyword: professional responsibility; Number of Pages: 13p; Illustrations: 6 charts, 1 diagram; Document Type: Article
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