Ethics in the First Person: A Guide to Teaching and Learning Practical Ethics

TitleEthics in the First Person: A Guide to Teaching and Learning Practical Ethics
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2006
AuthorsMomeyer, RW
Pagination160 p.
PublisherRowman & Littlefield Publishers, Inc.
Place PublishedLanham, MD
Publication Languageeng
ISBN Number978-0742552074
Accession Number31445849
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AbstractThis comprehensive guide to teaching and learning practical ethics. After giving a brief history of practical ethics instruction, the author discusses some methods of how to teach ethics, how to effectively introduce students to moral theories, and discusses the imbalance of power between student and professor in the classroom. Many of the author's recommendations and suggestions are illustrated by with stories from her own teaching experience. The guide also includes a number of chapters that may be useful to students, including a chapter that introduces them to theories of cognitive moral development, and one that discusses how to do a moral analysis of a case study.
NotesMomeyer, Richard W. 1; Email Address:; Affiliation: 1: Department of Philosophy, Miami University, Oxford, OH; Source Info: Mar2008, Vol. 31 Issue 1, p92; Subject Term: BOOKS -- Reviews; Subject Term: ETHICS; Subject Term: NONFICTION; Reviews & Products: ETHICS in the First Person: A Guide to Teaching & Learning Practical Ethics (Book); People: ELLIOT, Deni; Number of Pages: 3p; Document Type: Book Review
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