Ethics in clinical practice

TitleEthics in clinical practice
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2000
AuthorsAhronheim, JC, Moreno, JD, Zuckerman, C
Paginationxiv, 508 p.
PublisherAspen Publishers
Place PublishedGaithersburg, MD.
Publication Languageeng
ISBN Number0834210754
Accession Number4178991
Call NumberApplied Health Sciences
KeywordsCase , Cases. , ethics , Ethics, , ethics.; , legal , Medical , studies.;
AbstractCase studies in clinical medical ethics, for practitioners and students. Uses a format of questions with extended discussions following each case presentation. Ch. 1. About clinical ethics -- Ch. 2. A theory of clinical ethics -- Ch. 3. Evaluating common distinctions -- Ch. 4. Clinical ethics throughout the life span -- Ch. 5. Assessing the standard theory -- Ch. 6. Strategy for a clinical ethics assessment -- Ch. 7. Cases -- Case 1: A religious objection to a blood transfusion -- Case 2: Determining if a patient has decisional capacity -- Case 3: Urgent surgery in a stuporous patient: the use and limitations of advance directives --Case 4: Management of life-threatening illness: an intensive care unit patient with uncertain decisional capacity -- Case 5: "Don't Tell Mother": withholding information from a patient -- Case 6: Alternative medicine for a patient with advanced cancer -- Case 7: Painful treatment for a severely retarded man -- Case 8: Withdrawing mechanical ventilation at the request of a patient with decisional capacity -- Case 9: Withholding tube feeding in a woman with advanced dementia -- Case 10: A religious objection to the determination of brain death -- Case 11: A teenager with prolonged unconsciousness -- Case 12: Resuscitation decision in a patient with lung cancer --Case 13: Dispute over DNR status in a patient who wants palliative surgery -- Case 14: Suicide risk in a managed care patient -- Case 15: Assisted suicide in a man with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis -- Case 16: A married man contracts syphilis -- Case 17: A house-bound woman with tuberculosis -- Case 18: Surgical delay in a patient infected with HIV -- Case 19: An elderly driver -- Case 20: A difficult patient and the limits of provider obligations -- Case 21: "Do Everything": physician obligations in the face of family demands -- Case 22: A man with alcoholic cirrhosis wants a liver transplant --Case 23: Genetic testing in a woman with a family history of breast cancer -- Case 24: Assisted reproduction in a woman with strong religious beliefs -- Case 25: Prenatal counseling of a pregnant woman at risk for HIV infection -- Case 26: A pregnant woman using cocaine -- Case 27: Tracheoesophageal fistula in a newborn with Down Syndrome -- Case 28: Determination of death in a newborn -- Case 29: A religious objection to a child's medical treatment -- Case 30: A teenager who wants cosmetic surgery -- Case 31: An adolescent with cancer who wants to discontinue medical treatment.
Notes99042872(OCoLC)ocm42073064Judith C. Ahronheim, Jonathan D. Moreno, Connie Zuckerman.24 cm.Includes bibliographical references and index.
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