Ethics in applied developmental psychology : emerging issues in an emerging field

TitleEthics in applied developmental psychology : emerging issues in an emerging field
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication1990
AuthorsFisher, CB, Tryon, WW
Series TitleAnnual advances in applied developmental psychology,
Paginationxi, 324 p.
Place PublishedNorwood, N.J.
Publication Languageeng
ISBN Number0748-8572
Accession Number1694556
Call NumberEducation 174.915; ET372
KeywordsApplied.; , desenvolvimento; , developmental , do , ethics.; , Etica , Psicologia , PSYCHOLOGY , Psychology, , psychology.;
AbstractThis collection of essays covers ethical issues raised in conducting research in the field of developmental psychology. It covers topics such as how to reduce psychological risks to minors participating in research, rules and guidelines, issues in working with the media, and a number of illustrative case studies.
Notes(OCoLC)ocm22575110volume editors: Celia B. Fisher and Warren W. Tryon.24 cm.Includes index and bibliographical references.Emerging ethical issues in an emerging field / Celia B. Fisher and Warren W. Tryon -- Doing good well / Diana Baumrind -- Ethical dilemmas in recent research : a personal saga / Sandra Starr -- Psychological risks and remedies of research participation / Celia B. Fisher and Susan A. Rosendahl -- How to be ethical in applied developmental psycholohgy : examples from research on adolescent drinking behavior / Joan E. Sieber -- Assessing social intervention : scientific and social implications / Michael Lewis -- Ethical considerations in the design, implementation, and evaluation of developmental interventions / Steven J. Danish -- Plasticity in development : ethical implications for developmental interventions / Richard M. Lerner and Jonathan G. Tubman -- Ethical concerns for the use of research findings in applied settings / Irving Sigel -- Ethical dilemmas in playing by the rules : applied developmental research and the law / Gary B. Melton -- Ethical considerations of psychologists working in the media / Robert B. McCall -- Ethical issues in parent education / David Elkind -- Predictive parallels between clinical and applied developmental psychology : playing the game you can't win / Gerald P. Koocher -- Population generalizability, cultural sensitivity, and ethical dilemmas / Luis M. Laosa -- Bias and social responsibility in the study of maternal employment / Lois Wladis Hoffman -- Ethics of research and intervention with ethnic minority parents and their children / Harriette Pipes McAdoo -- Cultural forces leading to scientific developmental psychology / James Youniss -- Developmental psychology in the real world : a perspective on its ethical issues / M. Brewster Smith.
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