Ethics across the curriculum : the Marquette experience

TitleEthics across the curriculum : the Marquette experience
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication1991
AuthorsAshmore, RB, Starr, WC
Pagination269 p.
PublisherMarquette University Press
Place PublishedMilwaukee, Wis.
Publication Languageeng
ISBN Number0874629985
Keywords(Higher) , and , ethics , Marquette , Milwaukee. , Study , teaching , University. , Wisconsin
AbstractThis volume emerged from a two year ethics across the curriculum project at Marquette University. Faculty were selected to take part in a summer institute which sought to give them some background in teaching ethical theory and assistance in developing ways to include ethics into courses within their own departments. The volume includes a series of essays that discuss some techniques and best practices for integrating ethics education into university courses from philosophers and participants in Marquette's summer institutes.
Notes91062485 (OCoLC)ocm24610690 (KNXdb)212680 edited by Robert B. Ashmore & William C. Starr. 23 cm. Includes bibliographical references. A Marquette experiment in interdisciplinary pedagogy / Robert B. Ashmore – Ethical theory and the teaching of ethics / William C. Starr – Integrating sociology and ethics / Donald L. Metz – Integrating ethics into the nursing curriculum / Margaret Sebern – Teaching media ethics / August K. Gribbin – Earning your learning : ethics, the postmodern, and the study of literature / James Stephens – Moral education of college students / Marvin W. Berkowitz – Stories for moral formation / Michael K. Duffey – God and the moral community / Ronald J. Feenstra – Communication ethics pedagogy / Steven R. Goldzwig – Ethics education for counselors / Judith M. Heiden – Ethics education in U.S. dental schools / Kenneth Shay – Ethics in psychology courses / Mary Anne Siderits – Ethical teaching : the teacher as student advocate / Kenneth C. Farmer.
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