Ethical Problems of Science

TitleEthical Problems of Science
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication1976
AuthorsDeForest, PH
Conference NameSecond Pugwash Science and Ethical Symposium, Dubrovnik, January 1976
Pagination27 p.
Date Published01/1976
Place PublishedDubrovnik, Croatia
Keywordsprofessional codes of ethics , responsible conduct of research , SCIENCE
AbstractThis paper is intended to serve as a background paper for the 1976 Pugwash Symposium which focuses on the ethical problems in science, namely, the requirement of openness in the international scientific community, the responsibility of scientists to inform public opinion, the role of ethical values in scientific research, the ethical problems faced by scientists in the struggle for global survival, and the development of an international code of ethics for scientists. The background paper explores the role Pugwash can play in furthering the impact of ethical values and social responsibility within the international community of science.
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