The environment : philosophy, science, and ethics

TitleThe environment : philosophy, science, and ethics
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2012
AuthorsKabasenche, WP, O'Rourke, M, Slater, MH
Series TitleTopics in contemporary philosophy
Paginationvi, 307 p.
PublisherMIT Press
Place PublishedCambridge, Mass.
Publication LanguageEnglish
ISBN Number0262017407 (hardcover alk. paper)
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KeywordsENVIRONMENTAL ethics , Environmental Sciences , PHILOSOPHY , philosophy of science , SCIENCE
AbstractPhilosophical reflections on the environment began with early philosophers' invocation of a cosmology that mixed natural and supernatural phenomena. Today, the central philosophical problem posed by the environment involves not what it can teach us about ourselves and our place in the cosmic order but rather how we can understand its workings in order to make better decisions about our own conduct regarding it. The resulting inquiry spans different areas of contemporary philosophy, many of which are represented by the fifteen original essays in this volume. The contributors first consider conceptual problems generated by rapid advances in biology and ecology, examining such topics as ecological communities, adaptation, and scientific consensus. The contributors then turn to epistemic and axiological issues, first considering philosophical aspects of environmental decision making and then assessing particular environmental policies (largely relating to climate change), including reparations, remediation, and nuclear power, from a normative perspective.
Notes2011040594Inland Northwest Philosophy Conference (12th : 2009 : Pullman, Wash., and Moscow, Idaho)edited by William P. Kabasenche, Michael O'Rourke, and Matthew H. Slater.ill. ; 24 cm.Includes bibliographical references and index.The environment : how to understand it and what to do about it / Katie McShane -- The concept of the environment in evolutionary theory / Robert N. Brandon -- What if ecological communities are not wholes? / Rachel Bryant -- The environment, from a behavioral perspective / Michael Trestman -- Systems theory and the new ecophilosophy / Brian K. Steverson -- Situated adaptationism / Denis M. Walsh -- Thinking ecologically : the legacy of Rachel Carson / Lorraine Code -- Climate, consensus, and contrarians / Jay Odenbaugh -- Nature as the school of the moral world : Kant on taking an interest in natural beauty / Joseph Cannon -- Precaution has its reasons / Mariam Thalos -- Add to cart? Environmental "amenities" and cost-benefit analysis / Chrisoula Andreou -- Can we, and should we, make reparation to "nature"? / Clare Palmer -- Getting the bad out : remediation technologies and respect for others / Benjamin Hale -- Emissions, economics, and equity : problems with nuclear solutions to climate change / Kristin Shrader-Frechette -- On the need for front-line climate ethics / Andrew Light.Topics in contemporary philosophy.
Short TitleThe environment : philosophy, science, and ethics
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