Engineering tomorrow : today's technology experts envision the next century

TitleEngineering tomorrow : today's technology experts envision the next century
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2000
AuthorsBell, TE, Dooling, D, Fouke, JML
Paginationxiv, 308 p.
PublisherIEEE Press
Place PublishedPiscataway, NJ
Publication Languageeng
ISBN Number9780780353602
Accession Number42950421
Call NumberLC: T174; Dewey: OS 609./05; 303.483
KeywordsEmerging Technologies , ENGINEERING , engineering ethics , Ing , Pr , Technik. , Technikbewertung. , Technological , Twenty-first , Vingt , Zukunftserwartung.
AbstractExamines several significant devices, techniques, software developments, and systems concerns related to twenty-first century advances in technology; explores technologies that could directly affect individuals and society; and articulates principal issues in some of the largest technology-related challenges facing society.
Notescol. ill., ports. (some col.) ; 29 cm.What are key policy and social issues facing the Internet? -- What is the secret of happiness in a career? -- What are some of technology's unanticipated consequences? -- What constitutes a good scientific theory? -- How can we be wiser about decisions of what to pursue in science and technology? -- How soon can we free ourselves from fossil fuels? -- If you could 'uninvent' a technology, which would it be? -- How will information technology transform global culture? -- Are we prepared for the nanotechnology revolution? -- When will society recognize that nuclear reactors are environmentally safer than fossil-fuel power plants? -- How can effective communication help engineers develop the best products? -- Can engineers abdicate leadership forever? -- How can we accurately evaluate creativity and diversity? -- Can we make society smarter? -- How can we separate the Internet's wheat from its chaff? -- Are computers really the tide that will float all boats? -- How can we prevent ourselves from drowning in high-tech waste? -- Are we eating our seed corn? -- When is unlimited information effectively no information at all? -- The electromagnetic spectrum--public trust or pork barrel? -- What is the role of industrial research laboratories in the twenty-first century? -- What is the most environmentally sound way to dispose of consumer electronics products? -- How will the Internet affect social relationships? -- What is the future of the U.S.'s universities and corporate research laboratories? -- Why can't we better predict which technologies will succeed? -- How can mentoring overcome racial discrimination? -- What practical advice can encourage women engineers? -- How can we ensure that technology is humane and not inane? -- When computer intelligence exceeds human intelligence, what will it mean to be human? -- How much will we pay for freedom of movement? -- What is the potential of computer intelligence in mass transit? -- Will cars ever have jet fighter controls? -- Can we overcome our fear of flying? -- How can we further explore the 'microverse'? -- Why are humans driven to explore? -- Do we really need an armada to explore Mars? -- Will humans live in cities floating on the oceans? -- Why should engineers take the long view? -- How can we best invest in the next generation of scientists and engineers? -- What does it take for people to realize that technology-induced climate change is jeopardizing our very lives? -- Why is it urgent now to investigate low-carbon sources of energy? -- How can we watch out for a weapon that hasn't been invented? -- Can we mount an effective defense without having to shoot? -- How much privacy will we trade for safety? -- How do we reduce the body count? -- How can students experience the impact of engineering on society? -- Engineering ethics--who cares? -- Why is diversity essential to sustaining creativity? -- How can people learn to get along better? -- How can more young people be attracted to engineering?Includes index.Janie Fouke, editor ; Trudy E. Bell and Dave Dooling, writers. More Records: Show record informationBook
Short TitleEngineering tomorrow : today's technology experts envision the next century
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