Emotional Engagement in Professional Ethics

TitleEmotional Engagement in Professional Ethics
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2005
AuthorsDunbar, SW
JournalScience and Engineering Ethics
Publication Languageeng
AbstractThis study reports on two recent studies that show evidence of strong emotional engagement in moral dilemmas that require personal involvement or ethical problems that involve significant interpersonal issues. The results lead one to question when and how emotional engagement might occur in a professional ethical situation. However, the studies employed static dilemmas or problems that offers only two choices whose outcome was certain or nearly so, whereas actual problems in professional ethics are dynamic and typically involve considerable uncertainty. The circumstances of three example cases suggest that increasing personal involvement and uncertainty could have been perceived as changes, threats, or opportunities and could therefore have elicited an emotional response as a way to ensure the reputation, integrity or success of oneself or a group to which one belongs.
NotesCover Date: October 2005.Source Info: 11(4), 535-551. Language: English. Journal Announcement: 40-2. Subject: DECISION MAKING; EMOTION; ETHICS; MORAL DILEMMAS; PROFESSIONAL ETHICS. Update Code: 20090226.
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