Directed to Work Weekends and Disguising that Fact

TitleDirected to Work Weekends and Disguising that Fact
Publication TypeCase Study
Year of Publication1992
AuthorsLockheed Martin Corporation,
PublisherOnline Ethics Center, National Academy of Engineering
AbstractYou have been assigned to work on a proposal to the government. The proposal manager tells you and several other non-exempt workers that he'd like you to stay home Thursday and Friday and then come in and work Saturday and Sunday, but report that you did work on Thursday and Friday. That way, you would work 40 hours for the week, but the company would not have to pay you overtime for the weekend. "After all, " he says, "proposal money is short." What do you do? (Case from the Gray Matters board game developed in 1992 by Lockheed Martin and Martin Marietta )
Audience LevelPractitioner