Developing and teaching the virtue-ethics foundations of healthcare whistle blowing

TitleDeveloping and teaching the virtue-ethics foundations of healthcare whistle blowing
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2004
AuthorsFaunce, T
JournalMonash Bioethics Review
Publication Languageeng
KeywordsMaterials , Pedigogical , whistleblowing , Whistleblowing,
AbstractThough whistleblowing in healthcare has brought benefits to the healthcare systems of many countries, the practice is frowned upon by many influential healthcare professionals and regulatory institutions. Almost no medical schools or law department health law and bioethics classes, teach whistle blowing in a formal sense. Despite this, whistleblowers who have initiated public inquiries have almost all been motivated to act through following principles of medical ethics, bioethics and public health law. Though professional opinion may be against whistleblowers, the law offers many protections for whistleblowers who act in regard to public safety. This article examines this paradox, and attempts to lay the theoretical foundations for healthcare whistle blowing. As a case study, this article concludes by discussing the Personal and Professional Development course at the ANU Medical School where healthcare whistle blowing is a formal part of a virtue-based curriculum that emphasises the foundational importance of conscience.
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